Die Max-Planck-Forschungsstelle für Neurogenetik ist ein Forschungs­labor, in dem die Entwicklung, Struktur und Funktion des Säugetiergehirns mit genetischen und molekularbiologischen Methoden untersucht wird.
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Master Thesis - Neurogenetics


We are looking for a highly motivated student to do her/his Master’s thesis in the lab. The project is about the early onset of olfactory receptor (OR) gene expression during development of the mouse. The olfactory sensory neurons of the adult main olfactory epithelium express a repertoire of ~1,100 OR genes involved in chemosensory detection. The aim of the project is to obtain a map of the top expressed OR genes in the main olfactory epithelium over early embryo development. The methodology includes embryo processing, cryostat sectioning, fluorescence in situ hybridization, whole embryo in situ hybridization, confocal imaging, and image analysis. 


The candidate must have a solid background in molecular biology and genetics. Previous lab experience in particular with cryostat sectioning is welcome.


Applications including a CV and the names of three referees should be sent by email both to

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